Maryland Turfgrass Council

About MTC

Although the Maryland Turfgrass Council is not involved with legislative lobbying, we realize that state and local laws often have a significant effect on our members. In the past twenty years, laws to regulate the application of pesticides and fertilizers to turfgrass have been enacted, which have resulted in sweeping changes in the ways we manage turf and conduct our businesses. Each year, many new state and local laws are proposed. The purpose of this section is to highlight current legislative activities, and to provide you with ways to make your concerns know to your legislators.

You should also learn more about MAGI, the Maryland Association of Green Industries, which is an umbrella organization that represents professionals involved in lawn care, tree care, golf courses and other businesses and organizations in the green industry. MAGI's main objective is to monitor legislation in the Maryland General Assembly and follow the regulatory process that follows. MAGI makes sure that the Industry's point-of-view is made known to legislators and regulators. Most of the money MAGI raises goes to the lobbying firm that represents it. For more information or to get involved, please contact Mark Schlossberg.

To learn the names of and addresses of your state legislators, we encourage you to visit mdelect.net and use the interactive system provided. You can also get biographical and other information about Maryland legislators by clicking on the menu selections.