Maryland Turfgrass Council - About MTC - Mission Statement These are some of the objectives and principles of MTC that guide its operation:
  • To promote the improvement of turfgrass culture, production, research and education in the State of Maryland.
  • To recommend and uphold a high standard of professional practice and environmental stewardship by those engaged in the field of turfgrass management.
  • To sponsor conferences, trade shows, workshops, and other educationally-oriented events devoted to the presentation and exchange of information of interest and value to the turfgrass industry.
  • To initiate and support the scientific investigation of problems associated with turfgrass cultivation and to promote the dissemination of such research.
  • To support the turfgrass research and education programs of the University of Maryland through direct financial assistance to the University of Maryland Foundation, scholarship programs, and other appropriate means.
  • To sponsor and promote events and activities to develop financial support for turfgrass research and education consistent with the objectives of MTC.
  • To publish a newsletter and website to promote information exchange among its members, and to offset the costs of such publications though dues and direct financial assistance.
  • To stimulate public education and interest in turfgrass management and sound cultural practices.
  • To cooperate with organizations and associations who share the goals of MTC, and provide support and assistance to encourage their success.
  • To represent the judgment of MTC in matters of policy that are deemed to affect the production, construction, maintenance, and management of turfgrass areas.