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    • 08 Dec 2020
    • 8:00 AM (EST)
    • 10 Dec 2020
    • 3:00 PM (EST)
    • Virtual

    2020 Maryland Turfgrass Conference and Tradeshow- VIRTUAL

    Due to Covid-19 the Maryland Turfgrass Council has been working the University of Maryland to still bring you a top-notch educational conference, but VIRTUAL!

    We know many of you depend upon us for your Pesticide and Fertilizer Applicator License re-certifications for not only MD but also for DC, DE, VA, WV, PA. In an effort to help support the turf industry for our entire state as well as others we are attempting to expand licensing re-certifications to include NJ & NY.  CEU’s for the Golf Course Superintendents Association, Sports Turf Managers Association, and DNR’s Tree Expert Licenses will all be available. 

    The 2020 MTC Winter Turfgrass Conference and Trade Show will be virtual starting on Dec. 8th and continuing through December 10th.

    We are working with a professional conference recording company from NY to provide you a program which will be familiar to what you normally see but with more flexibility and benefits. Below are a few of the highlights that you can expect to see for this year.

    • We are doing a virtual conference so you can attend from the comfort of your office or your living room.
    • We will have the usual 3 tracks on Dec. 8th (Golf Managements, Lawn Care Management and Sports Turf Management) which you can attend from 8 to 3.
    • We have nationally renowned speakers including Dr. Brandon Horvath, Univ. of Tennessee; Dr. John  Sorochan, Univ. of Tennessee; Brad Jakubowski, Penn State Univ; Joe Doherty, Univ. of Maryland; Geoff Rinehart, Univ. of Maryland-IAA, Logan Freeman, Mountain Branch Golf Course; Elliott Downing, US Golf Association and many many others you won’t want to miss.
    • We will have interviews with our vendor sponsors between each speaker and during a ½ hour “lunch   break” to keep you informed. Plus, there will be a vendor page where you can click on anyone you would like to specifically speak to.  Each sponsor shall receive an attendees list.
    • If you cannot attend on the 8th, or if you would like to watch other speakers of a different tract, or you want to send your crew but not all at once, you can do that on Dec. 9 or Dec. 10, anytime day or    night provided they are registered.
    • For each speaker we will be utilizing “Chatbox”.  This will allow the speakers to receive and answer all your questions.  The presentations on Dec. 8th will be live and the speakers will be able to   answer your questions in real time.  The presentations on Dec. 9th and 10th will be repeated from Dec. 8th.
    • Discounted Prices for Members


    Early Registration from now until November 23, 2020

    MTC Member: $45                                                                     Non- MTC Member:$90

    Registration November 24- December 8th, 2020

    MTC Member: $65                                                                    Non- MTC Member:$120

Past events

25 Sep 2020 Early Bird Webinar- Pesticide and Fertilizer Re-Certification
19 Aug 2020 Eastern Shore Pesticide and Fertilizer Re-Certification
30 Jun 2020 Recasting the Turfgrass Profession
26 Jun 2020 Procrastinators Re-Certification ONLINE
27 Mar 2020 MTC and UMD Pesticide and Fertilizer Re-Certification
10 Dec 2019 Maryland Turfgrass Conference
21 Aug 2019 Eastern Shore Fertilizer/ Pesticide Re-Certification
17 Jul 2019 Maryland Turfgrass Field Day
21 Jun 2019 Procrastinators Fertilizer/ Pesticide Re-Certification
05 Apr 2019 MTC & UMD Pesticide and Fertilizer Re-Certification
11 Dec 2018 Maryland Turfgrass Conference
22 Aug 2018 Eastern Shore "All-In-One" Re-certification Class
18 Jul 2018 Turfgrass Research Field Day
22 Jun 2018 Procrastinators Pesticide and Fertilizer Re-Certification- SOLD OUT!
17 May 2018 MASTMA Four Corners Summer Social Series
11 May 2018 Shields Memorial Golf Tournament
30 Mar 2018 Pesticide and Fertilizer Re-Certification
29 Jan 2018 Mid-Atlantic Turfgrass Expo
27 Sep 2017 CANCELED------MTC Golf Tournament for Turfgrass Research
12 Jul 2017 University of Maryland Turfgrass Research Field Day
23 Jun 2017 "Procrastinators" Pesticide and Fertilizer Re-Certification
08 Jun 2017 Dr. Kevin Mathias Retirement Reception
20 Apr 2017 Lunch & Learn: Preserving/Restoring the Chesapeake Bay
17 Mar 2017 Pesticide and Fertilizer Re-Certification
17 Mar 2017 Mid-Atlantic Sport Turf Managers Meeting
20 Feb 2017 Turf Producers International; Educational Conference & Field Day
04 Feb 2017 Golf Industry Show
30 Jan 2017 Mid Atlantic Turfgrass Expo and Conference
24 Jan 2017 Sports Turf Managers Association Conference and Exhibition
19 Oct 2016 Fall Field Day & Re-certification Credits!
28 Sep 2016 2016 Golf Tournament for Turfgrass Research
10 Aug 2016 Turfgrass Disease Plot Tour
24 Jun 2016 Last Chance Pesticide and Fertilizer Re-Certification Class
22 Jun 2016 Maryland Turfgrass Association's Sporting Clays Event
19 May 2016 Jacobsen Demo and Safety Event
14 May 2016 IAA 50th Anniversary Gala
13 May 2016 2016 Shields Golf Tournament
30 Apr 2016 IAA at Maryland Day
10 Mar 2016 Pesticide and Professional Fertilizer Re-Certification

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