Contact your legislators about HB 561

Wednesday, February 20

There is a bill that will be heard in the House Environmental Matters Committee tomorrow (Wed., Feb. 20th) – HB 561, sponsored by Delegate Hubbard from Prince George’s County. Delegate Hubbard is on the Chesapeake Bay Commission. We requested this bill to correct a problem with the Fertilizer Use Act of 2011 with respect to the definition of “Waters of the State”. The group that worked together on the 2011 Act (MDA, the Chesapeake Bay Commission, Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Turf Industry) did not realize that “waters of the state” was defined in the Environment article of the code to include anything in the 100 year flood plain and surface water.

This bill is a “fix” for that oversight. Delegate Hubbard will be introducing an amendment at the hearing which we endorse. We would not be able to apply N and P fertilizer within 15 ft of:

surface water subject to the jurisdiction of the State, the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, all ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, public ditches, tax ditches, and public drainage systems within the State, other than those designed and used to collect, convey, or dispose of sanitary sewage

The link below gives you the list of legislators on the Environmental Matters Committee.

If you are not sure of your district, go to and type in your address. Then on the left side it will give you your elected official. You need the State Delegates for this bill. If none of the members are in your district, contact the ones from your county.

In summary, please email or call your delegates on the Environmental Matters Committee between now and noon on Wednesday if possible. Ask them to vote for HB 561 with Delegate Hubbard’s amendments. Please have your employees do this as well.

You can do it later if you can’t get to it before then because they probably won’t vote on it until later in the week. This is critical for lawn care, golf and sports turf management!

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