Maryland Extension Publications and Resources

We have compiled resources from the Maryland Department of Agriculture, Maryland Extension Publications, along with other resources and manuals to help support the turfgrass industry. The Turfgrass Technical Updates (TT-Bulletins) of the University of Maryland's Department of Natural Resource Science and Landscape Architecture are featured here. These are the most current versions of the publications.  

Best Management Practices 

Maryland Best Management Practices for Golf Courses.pdf

Turfgrass Fertility

Maryland Professional Lawn Care Manual.pdf

TT-83 Gypsum Use on Turfgrass.pdf

TT-115 Fertilizer Recommendations for Commercially Maintained Lawns in Maryland.pdf

TT 116 Nutrient Management Guidelines for Turfgrass Seeding and Sod Installation.pdf

TT-118 Nutrient Management Guidelines for Golf Courses in Maryland.pdf

TT-119 Nutrient Management For Athletic Fields.pdf

Turf Seed/ Sod/ Lawn : Commercial and Residential

Establishment of Lawns With Compost and Microclover In The Chesapeake Bay Watershed.pdf

Tall Fescue Quality As Influenced By Organic and Traditional Fertilizer and Weed Control Programs.pdf

TT-49 Broadleaf Weed Control In Established Lawns.pdf

TT-63 General Guidelines For Lawn Maintenance In Maryland.pdf

TT-67 Caring For The Newly Seeded Lawn.pdf

TT-69 Planting And Care of A Zoysiagrass Lawn.pdf

TT-77 Recommended Turfgrass Cultivars for Certified Sod Production and Seed Mixtures in Maryland (Updated Aug 2023).pdf

TT-115 Fertilizer Recommendations for Commercially Maintained Lawns in Maryland.pdf

TT-121 Microclover _ Tall Fescue Lawns in the Mid-Atlantic.pdf

TT-120 Amending Soil With Compost to Reduce Stormwater Runoff and Lawn Fertilizer Use.pdf

Turfgrass Diseases

FS-2023-0665 Turfgrass Diseases_Dollar Spot.pdf

TT-3 Collecting And Shipping Turfgrass Samples.pdf

TT-10 Bacterial Wilt, Xanthomonas campestris.pdf

TT-14 Deadspot Disease of Creeping Bentgrass.pdf

TT-15 Identification and Management of Brown Patch Disease.pdf

TT-16 Dollar Spot Disease of Turfgrasses.pdf

TT-18 Summer Patch Disease of Lawn Grasses.pdf

TT-23 Fairy Rings And Their Control in Turf Areas.pdf

TT-24 Red Thread And Pink Patch Disease of Turfgrass.pdf

TT-32 Diagnosing Common Lawn And Athletic Field Diseases.pdf

TT-38 Maryland Turfgrass Disease Control Recomendations.pdf

Turfgrass Insects

TT-52 Biology And Management of The Annual Bluegrass Weevil.pdf

Turfgrass Weeds

TT-43 Herbicides For Crabgrass And Goosegrass Control In Turf.pdf

TT-46 Perennial Grass Weeds And Their Control In Cool-Season Turf.pdf

TT-49 Broadleaf Weed Control In Established Lawns.pdf

General Topics And Reports

TT-68 Establishing And Maintaining Fescues For Low Maintenance Sites.pdf

TT-70 Establishing And Maintaining Ornamental Flower Meadows For Low Maintenance Sites.pdf



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