Procrastinators Re-Certification ONLINE

  • 26 Jun 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Webinar


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The MTC & the University of Maryland Turfgrass Programs

After having to postpone our March 27 class until May 15, only to have to postpone the class again due to MDA & Univ. of MD both being closed as a reaction to the Corona-19 Virus. We are working with the Maryland Pesticide and Fertilizer License Sections of MDA plus their counterparts in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington DC to develop an all inclusive Webinar Program for Friday, June 26 via Zoom.

Friday, June 26 Webinar A form will be sent to each person registered. You will be required to record a “speaker code” given during each talk and either scan and e-mail or U.S. Mail the form to the MTC office to receive credit. Thank you for your understanding and please enjoy a day of education

Printable Webinar and Easton 2020 Registration.doc

June 26 MTC Fertilizer and Pesticide Recertification Class Webinar Program

Opening Comments 8:30 – 8:35 by Dr. Mark Carroll

Dr. Gary K. Felton 8:35 - 9:30 Corn Gluten Meal and Compost - Fertilizer?  Pesticide?”

Dr. Felton is an Associate Professor with the Dept. of Environment, Science and Technology at the Univ. of MD.  Received his BS from Univ. of MD, MS from Univ. of MD, and PhD from Texas A&M in 1987.

Mr. Joseph Doherty 9:30 - 10:30 IPM for Landscapes: Knowing Your Nutrients and Selecting the Best Products for Disease Control.” 

Mr. Doherty is a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of MD, College Park working under Dr. Joseph Roberts to obtain a M.S. in plant Science.  His          current research focus is mapping the development of the turfgrass microbiome as the plant matures and investigating the influence of resident seed and soil microbiota have on the developing creeping bentgrass microbiome.

Dr. Dave Clement 10:30 – 11:30Diagnosis of Landscape Disease Problems and New Diseases to Watch for in 2020”. 

Dr. Clement is the Principle Agent at the Home & Garden Information     Center where he specializes in Plant Pathology, specifically doing Ornamental IPM on Diseases of Lawn & Landscape with their management.

Ms. Emily Zobel 11:30 – 12:30 “Chiggers, Ticks, and other bugs that bite”. 

Ms. Zobel is an Agent Associate with the Dorchester County Extension Service.  She obtain her B.S & M.S Degrees in Entomology from the University of MD, College Park.  Her expertise includes Entomology, IPM, Vegetable Insects, Fruit IPM, Home Garden Insects and Master Gardener Coordinator

Dr. Mark Carroll 1:00 – 2:00 “Fertilizer Restrictions and Cosmetic Pesticide Bans - Is Organic Lawn  Care the Answer?” 

Dr. Carroll is an Associate Professor and Director of the Environmental  Science & Policy Program.  Dr Carroll specializes in Turf, Water Quality, Soil Nutrients, Pesticide Runoff and Organic Lawn Care.

June 26 MTC/Univ of MD Recertification Webinar Class Possible CEU Credits

as of June 8, 2020

Maryland Pesticide:

            Category:                                                                    CEU’s

            3A – Ornamental Exterior Plants                                8

            3C – Turf                                                                    8

            7A – General Pest Control                                          8

            10 – Demonstration and Research                              8

Maryland will also accept 8 CEU in all other categories in addition to these if you have the need since this is a maximum CEU class.

Maryland Fertilizer :                                                           3 CEU’s

Maryland DNR Tree License:                                             CEU’s

Categories PENDING

Delaware Pesticide:

            Categories                                                                   CEU’s

            03 – Ornamental & Turf                                             6

District of Columbia Pesticide:

            Categories                                                                   CEU’s

            00  –  Core                                                                  5

            3A – Exterior Ornamental Plants                                5

            3B – Lawns and Turf                                                  5

            3C – Interior Ornamental Plants                                 5

Pennsylvania Pesticide:

            Categories                                                                   CEU’s

            PC – Private Category                                                3

            06 – Ornamental & Shade Trees                                 3

            16 – Public Health – Invertebrate Pest                       2

            18 – Demonstration & Research                                 5

            23 – Park / School Pest Control                                  5  

Virginia Pesticide:

            Categories                                                                   Approval #

            3-A (23) Ornamental Pest Control                              20-23-076

            3-B (24) Turf Pest Control                                          20-24-076

            60 (60) Registered Technician                                    20-60-208

West Virginia Pesticide:

            Category                                                                     CEU’s

            4A – Ornamental & Turf Outdoors                            10

            7 – Right-of-Way/Industrial Weed                             4

            8A – General Pest Control                                          2

            11 – Demonstration & Research                                 10

            12 – Pesticide Storage & Distribution                        10           

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